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The frequency of ransomware attacks has surged by over threefold in the past couple of years, with the potential cost of recovery for businesses soaring as high as $5 million, depending on their scale.
In today’s digital landscape, where sophisticated malware attacks abound, comprehensive protection for both onsite and remote staff is paramount. This is precisely where Symantec Endpoint Security Complete (SES Complete) proves invaluable.

Switch to SES Complete to:

Access all the protection, detection, and response capabilities you need through a unified, intuitive dashboard.
Detect potential threats across all endpoints, including mobile devices.
Neutralize cyber threats before they escalate into full-blown attacks.

SES Complete: An Integrated Security Platform

Symantec Endpoint Security Complete streamlines protection configurations to provide tailored endpoint security for your organization while saving you valuable time, resources, and expenses through:

A single-agent architecture that streamlines management and cuts operational costs.
Multilayered protection, leveraging advanced machine learning via the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN).
Businesses seeking to modernize or migrate their endpoint security to the cloud stand to gain from:
Better Risk Protection
Upgrade to the latest iteration of SEP with Symantec Endpoint Security Complete to identify potential threats across all endpoints, including mobile devices, from a centralized dashboard. Benefit from comprehensive protection for both onsite and remote staff across diverse devices and operating systems.
Transitioning endpoint security to the cloud offers:
  • AI-driven threat protection
  • Unprecedented visibility
  • Proactive AI
  • Auto-upgrades
Money and Time Savings
The centralized solution greatly simplifies endpoint protection for your enterprise. Complete endpoint security translates to reduced annual security expenditures by obviating the need for additional endpoint protection tools or add-ons. SES Complete clients typically save 10% on other security application licenses. Cloud migration brings even greater savings.
Ease of Use
Secure all devices and operating systems with effortless device migration:
  • Zero downtime during implementation
  • Manage all endpoints via a single, user-friendly interface
  • Deploy in any preferred environment

Adopt SES Complete to:

Access precise, real-time threat intelligence.
Safeguard onsite and remote staff across all devices and operating systems
Manage in onsite, cloud-based, or hybrid environments.

The Symantec Endpoint Security Complete Advantage

According to a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Broadcom, businesses that embraced SES Complete for endpoint security witnessed a 437% ROI within three years. The efficiency gains from consolidating their security stack with SES Complete translated to annual savings of $500,000.
“Symantec offers us all the features that we need in a very solid form. We get complete information reports from endpoint to source, as well as excellent real-time detection and response. When a threat is identified, we can address it from one centralized location for all of our endpoints.”
--Forrester The Total Economic Impact™

Symantec has been recognized as a Leader by:

SE Labs Best Enterprise Endpoint 2023
Radicati Endpoint Security Quadrant 2023
AV-Test Best Protection 2022

Support Services

To fully leverage the potential of these exceptional security solutions, Net++ technology offers a range of services to enhance your experience:

Installation and Implementation:
Our expert team provides installation and implementation of Symantec Endpoint Security solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on core business activities without interruption.
Migration Assistance:
Transitioning from old systems to Symantec Endpoint Security will proceed smoothly and stress-free with our expert migration services. We ensure the secure transfer of your data and configurations, reducing downtime and maximizing security.
Local Support and Maintenance:
Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. With local support and maintenance services, we provide quick solutions to your inquiries and concerns, ensuring that your security infrastructure remains up-to-date and optimized.
Administrator Training:
Our training program for Symantec Endpoint Security solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to focus on administration or delve deeper into protective technologies, our courses will align with your goals.