Privileged Access Management
Extend Privileged Access Controls With Symantec Privileged Access Management
Why Your Company Needs Symantec Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Many breaches target privileged accounts and credentials because they provide elevated, and often unrestricted, access and permissions. Privileged accounts and credentials are frequently shared by multiple people, making it extremely difficult to trace privileged activities to a specific individual. DevOps and automation tools can execute privileged actions by using credentials — secrets — which often lack sufficient security controls.
IT modernization initiatives have significantly expanded the volume and types of privileged accounts that can be exploited by cybercriminals. While privileged credential vaults have been widely deployed to centrally manage and protect access and usage of privileged accounts and their credentials, Zero Trust adoption is pushing organizations to implement advanced privileged access management capabilities beyond the vault.
Symantec Privileged Access Management (PAM) may be the answer. Symantec PAM can control privileged access across all IT resources, from the cloud to the mainframe, to help stop targeted attacks and breaches. Symantec PAM can also enable process automation and secure DevOps toolchains to improve efficiency without increasing risk.

Unlike competitors, Symantec PAM delivers:

Enterprise performance and scalability for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market
Rapid deployment for fast time to protection
Integrated proxy and agent platform so that it can be managed and audited from a single platform

Symantec PAM Key Features and Capabilities

Symantec PAM is designed to prevent security breaches by delivering a set of comprehensive privileged access management capabilities.

Symantec PAM capabilities include:
Privileged Credential Vault
Secrets Management
Session Recording
Behavioral Analytics
Fine-Grained Access Controls
Enterprise Scalability
Zero Trust Access
Privileged Credential Vault
Privileged credential vault protects and manages access to sensitive administrative credentials by storing them in an encrypted database.
Secrets Management
Secrets management eliminates hard-coded passwords from applications, configuration files, and scripts to enable secure communications and automation within DevOps toolchains.
Session Recording
Session recording captures privileged account activities that are linked to individual users for accountability and forensic evidence.
Behavioral Analytics
Behavioral analytics combat insider threats and compromised accounts by detecting changes in normal user behavior.
Fine-Grained Access Control
Fine-grained access control restricts the entitlements for specific accounts, such as admin or root, to ensure least privileged access
Enterprise Scalability
Implement a solution that can scale, address a wide range of use cases, and deliver superior performance.
Zero Trust Access
Take a zero trust approach that denies all access by default and only grants access through explicit policies.
Benefits of Symantec PAM
Symantec PAM protects and controls access to privileged accounts, credentials, secrets, and sessions to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. While Secrets Management isn’t new, Symantec PAM has significantly enhanced secrets management capabilities.
With Symantec PAM, Secrets Management:
  • •Enables automation while protecting secrets from theft by storing them in an encrypted vault
  • Creates multiple vaults with different access controls to support least privileged access
  • Delivers secrets management functionality from a single, comprehensive PAM platform

When users adopt Symantec PAM, they benefit from:

Control of privileged access across all IT resources, from cloud to mainframe
Process automation and secure DevOps toolchains
Automatic discovery and protection of cloud-based and virtual resources
Tamper-proof audit data and forensic evidence for privileged activity
Enforcement of fine-grained access controls to segregate the duties of administrators and superusers

The Symantec PAM Difference

Fast time to protection
Symantec PAM can be quickly deployed as a hardened device or virtual appliance, and you can quickly configure the solution through an easy-to-use console to achieve faster time to protection and reduced implementation costs.
Enterprise performance and scalability
As one of the most efficient and scalable technologies, Symantec PAM can handle and record significantly more simultaneous connections than other solutions. This scalability supports large-scale deployments with minimal infrastructure.
Total cost of ownership
Symantec PAM provides the encrypted credential vault, session recording, threat analytics, and secrets management features as part of its base software license which, combined with its scalability, offers best-in-class total cost of ownership.

Top Five Reasons to Implement Privileged Access Management

Defends and controls privileged users and the credentials they use to access and manage your digital infrastructure
Proactively enforces security policies and role-based limits on privileged user access
Monitors and records privileged user activity across virtual, cloud, and physical environments
View our infographic to learn the 5 top reasons to adopt Symantec PAM.

Support Services

To make the most of this exceptional solution, Net++ technology offers you a range of services to enhance your experience:

Installation and Implementation:
Our expert team ensures installation and implementation of Symantec PAM solutions, tailored to your unique requirements. We handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on core business activities without interruption.
Local support and maintenance:
Our support team is here to help you every step of the way. With local support and maintenance services, we provide quick solutions to your queries and concerns, ensuring your infrastructure remains up-to-date and optimized.