Email Security
Protect Your Business from Email Threats
Email is the most common vector of cyber attacks, which makes the implementation of advanced email protection measures imperative. Malicious actors often exploit email vulnerabilities to deliver malware, perform phishing attacks and other scams.
At Net++ technology we recognize the extreme importance of protecting email communications, and the Symantec Email Security solutions are specifically designed to deal with these increasingly complex threats.
Symantec Email Security solutions provide advanced threat detection and comprehensive protection against email attacks.
Symantec Email Security
Symantec Email Security solutions provide advanced threat detection and comprehensive protection against email attacks. This protection consists of multiple layers of security technologies. It is powered by data from the world's largest civilian intelligence network, the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN), which provides insights into threats around the world.
The Symantec Email Security portfolio enables you to:
  • Prevent evolving and Zero-Day threats
  • Isolate links and attachments in emails for ultimate protection
  • Respond to security threats quickly
  • Integrate email security with Symantec or other IT security ecosystem.

Explore Symantec Email Security Portfolio

Symantec Email
Stop malware, spam, and malicious links with a cloud service that integrates with Office 365, Google apps, and other services.
Email Threat Detection and Response
With this Add-On you will stop targeted and advanced email threats with full visibility, priority response and automated remediation.
Symantec Messaging Gateway
Protect incoming and outgoing email communications on-premises. Stop 99% of spam, malware and targeted attacks.
Symantec Email
Symantec Email is a complete email security solution that protects email in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gmail, as well as on-premises email such as Microsoft Exchange.
Email blocks new and sophisticated email threats such as ransomware, spear phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) through multi-layered defenses. You can further enhance Symantec Email with three add-ons:
Symantec Email Threat Detection and Response, protects against advanced threats, provides deep visibility and rapid response in case of targeted attacks.
Additionally, Symantec Email Fraud Protection enables organizations to automate sender authentication using DMARC, protecting all recipients from impersonating attackers.
Email Threat Isolation opens suspicious links in emails in an isolated container, which allows users to come into contact with unsafe websites and files without risk, as malware or phishing attacks are blocked.
Symantec Messaging Gateway
For organizations that need on-premises email protection, Symantec Messaging Gateway is a powerful and reliable solution. With sophisticated threat prevention mechanisms, content filtering and anti-spam capabilities, Messaging Gateway provides comprehensive protection against email threats.
Messaging Gateway stops more than 99% of spam, with less than 1 in a million false positives, and responds effectively to new email threats with automatic antispam and antimalware updates. Messaging Gateway integrates with Symantec Content Analysis for advanced protection against malicious files and with Symantec Web Isolation for additional layers of link and attachment protection.

Maximize the value of email solutions with our services

Net++ technology goes further than selling premium products. We also offer a range of premium services to ensure your Symantec Email Security solutions are optimized for maximum efficiency:

Configuration and customization:
Our expert team will help you configure and customize the Symantec Email Security solution according to your specific requirements. We customize settings and policies to align with the unique needs of your organization.
Support and maintenance:
With our dedicated local support team, you can count on prompt assistance for all email security issues. We offer continuous maintenance and update services to ensure that your email security infrastructure is running at peak efficiency.
Health check and performance optimization:
Ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of your email security infrastructure with our comprehensive health check services. Our experienced technicians will analyze your configuration, identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to improve your email security posture.
Admin training:
Our training programs provide your administrators with the knowledge needed to optimize the performance of your Symantec Email Security solutions, respond to evolving threats, and maximize the benefits of your email security investments.

Protect your email communications and improve the security of your organization

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